IN A farm deep in the southern region of China lives a very big pig that's as heavy as a polar bear.

[BANGKOK] Thailand has culled more than 200 pigs this week, authorities said on Tuesday, in the first such action amid heightened fears of a potential outbreak of African swine fever.

[HO CHI MINH CITY] Vietnam culled more than 1.7 million pigs as African swine fever spread across the country, with officials warning the disease may penetrate sizEable commercial farms next.

AS CHINA struggles to stem a contagious, hog-ravaging disease, a British company offers some hope. But it may first need to convince consumers and the government that it's safe.

[SINGAPORE] What started with a few dozen dead pigs in northeastern China is sending shock waves through the global food chain.

[BEIJING] A database of every pig's face. Voice scans that detect hogs with a cough. Robots that dispense just the right amount of feed....