[SAN FRANCISCO] A former Google executive running for US Senate called on Thursday for tough regulation of tech titans, accusing the internet giant of straying from its "don't be evil" path.

SNAP on Tuesday unveiled new-generation Spectacles sunglasses that can take 3D pictures to share on its Snapchat messaging service known for ephemeral posts.

[NEW YORK] As investors toil over how to value Lyft Inc, one analyst who specialises in tech listings advises looking at the ill-fated IPO (initial public offering) by Snap Inc.

SNAP lost millions of users last year after an unpopular redesign of Snapchat, its ephemeral-messaging app. Now that exodus appears to be slowing.

[SAN FRANCISCO] Snap shares surged on Tuesday after it reported rising revenue, narrowing losses and a stable number of people using its Snapchat smartphone image-themed social network.

[SAN FRANCISCO] Snapchat parent Snap came under selling pressure on Thursday after a quarterly report showing a loss of one million users even as it grew revenues and narrowed losses.