DISTRESSED construction firm Swee Hong has entered an agreement to raise S$4 million in gross proceeds via a private placement to CIIC Group, a company solely owned by Swee Hong's executive...

WATCH-LISTED construction company Swee Hong sank into the red for both FY2019 as well as its first-quarter results in FY2020, according to its financial statements released on Monday.

WATCH-LISTED Swee Hong has appointed Tian Yuan, head of a private construction company, as a new executive director on Friday. 

CONSTRUCTION company Swee Hong said on Thursday that the company's application to the High Court to seek a moratorium was granted on Wednesday.

THE following companies saw new developments that may affect trading of their shares on Monday:

SWEE Hong Limited said on Monday that its supplier Hock Hin Leong Timber Trading (HHLT) has withdrawn its winding-up application against the company on the day it was to be heard in court.

SWEE Hong Limited said on Wednesday that its supplier, Hock Hin Leong Timber Trading, on March 29 filed a winding-up application in the High Court against the company.