A family home combines the look of black-and-white houses and a safari lodge feel.

THEODORE CHAN’S 30-YEAR architectural career has been a colourful one - namely, green. He spent much of his time on eco-friendly projects such as Yishun Community Hospital and National University...

Works by Singapore's pioneer artists and more take centrestage in this house

​DARK, DINGY AND grim aren’t usually the criteria a househunter puts on his wish list, but for married couple Chin Sing Ping and Sharon Tay, looks didn’t matter in their quest to buy a shophouse...

SENTOSA COVE IS a treasure trove of eye-catching houses. There’s one that looks like a futuristic temple flanked by two statues of the Egyptian god Anubis. There are also award-winners such as the...

A tiny bungalow is perfect for this couple and their furkid.

WINNIE CHAN AND James Quan both grew up and lived in the Thomson area for many years, and never thought they would one day move out of their familiar neighbourhood.

GUNJAN AND SHOWBHIK Kalra returned to Singapore in 2011, but they haven’t forgotten the seven years they spent in New York before then.

ONCE IN A WHILE, Wu Yen Yen of Genome Architects is pleasantly surprised when a client comes to her without the usual demands to maximize land space and built-up area.

DESIGN MAGAZINES OR the Internet are the usual sources of inspiration for homeowners when doing up their own homes.