[ATLANTA] For the past few years, investors have warned of a bubble in privately held tech companies: Valuations simply couldn't be justified based on comparisons with their publicly traded...

MANY investors may have fantasised about those "if only" investments. If only I had invested in Peloton. Or Uber. Or Lyft.

[SINGAPORE] India's stock markets are set for a wave of unicorn listings, according to technology venture capitalist and former Infosys Ltd official Mohandas Pai.


I WILL remember 2019 as the year when many unicorns were exposed as donkeys in disguise.

SOUTH-EAST Asia might see the rise of more than 20 unicorns over the next decade, with up to eight from fintech and specialty e-commerce sectors.

[SEOUL] South Korea is the land of foldable phones, K-pop and beauty creams. But somehow its best and brightest are missing out on the hottest innovation trends.

[HONG KONG] A bitcoin miner, flying-taxi maker and apartment-sharing outfit are among the herd of Chinese upstarts rushing to New York markets. Their untested business models are alarming enough....

[BEIJING] China now has more privately-held start-ups valued by investors at over US$1 billion than the US, a report said Monday.

EVEN though South-east Asia remains underserved, solutions that are "copy and paste" from developed markets would not work well here, ride-hailing giant Grab's co-founder Tan Hooi Ling said.

[NEW YORK] The so-called "unicorns" that attracted big investments and took Silicon Valley by storm are facing a chillier environment as they turn to Wall Street for fresh capital.