WARNINGS about bond covenants often seem to fall on deaf ears. Just ask Jake Avayou.

[BANGKOK] A 15 per cent yield buys you a lot of patience in a world with US$15 trillion of negative-yielding debt.

JAPANESE-STYLE interest rate caps are drawing interest from global central bankers worried about a downturn, including US Federal Reserve officials grappling with how to bolster their options as...

GERMANY'S 10-year bond yield nudged off record lows on Wednesday, after comments from US Federal Reserve officials tempered the most aggressive US rate cut bets.

NEVER mind the trade war. A looming US interest-rate cut is set to replace tariff headlines as the key driver of developing Asian bonds, according to money managers.

IT'S going to take a lot to dispel the bond market's view that the world's biggest economy needs stimulus, but some consistent signals on inflation would help.