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A peek into designers' homes in BT Weekend


THEY spent their careers building houses for their clients, or providing the furnishings for each newly completed home. But have you ever wondered what their own homes look like? We take a peek into the accommodation of Xtra Designs' Lim Choon Hong, Grafunkt's Jefery Kurniadidjaja and architect Philip Yong to see how they fill their own personal spaces.

If you're feeling hungry, get on a plane and head to Auckland, where the bounty of the land and sea are hard to beat. Also in the magazine, if you prefer a little more glitter, then head to Los Angeles, which has a lot more going for it than Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood.

With changing expectations and growing numbers of elderly, Singapore's current retirement housing options may no longer fit the needs and wants of tomorrow's silver generation. In the main paper, Brunch takes a closer look at the retirement village model.

Disrupted checks out the inaugural IMI (Innovation, Music, Inspiration) Festival held at old Kallang Airport and Gearhead shows how to keep the love handles at bay this holiday with Samsung's Gear Fit 2 Pro.

Market voices on:

Gathering Christmas gifts? Cult Status has a list of picks for the stylish and the houseproud.

Two very special units of the BMW i8 plug-in sports car have gone on sale here. The Protonic Frozen Yellow and Frozen Black Editions of the futuristic coupe - only one available of each - will give car collectors a rare opportunity to mix eco with ego.

Also in BT Motoring, reviews of the Porsche 911 GT3 and Volkswagen Golf GTI, and a look at Lexus's newest.

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