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Boutique hotels and bungalows in BT Weekend


BOUTIQUE hotels might be caught between big hotel chains and budget outfits, but four boutique hoteliers are counting on novel experiences to woo fussy travellers. Find out what they're up to in The Business Times' Weekend magazine tomorrow.

Also in the issue, The Weekend Interview speaks to Lam Soon Singapore's Whang Shang Ying about his love for Chinese calligraphy and jazz.

And if speed is more your thing, get the lowdown on the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 and the Mercedes-Benz SL400 in Weekend Drive.

In the main paper's Brunch feature, we lift the curtain on Good Class Bungalows and find out what makes them the special breed that they are.

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This week, the Cubicle Files column examines the latest development in the gig economy - transition managers who are "rented" out to companies for a fixed period of time, to fix specific problems.

Elsewhere in the issue, Cult Status shows you the shoes that will give you instant street cred, while Disrupted hits the road this week by putting the Lumos city bike helmet to the test.

For audiophiles, Music to My Ears is back with a good look at the Kondo Ongaku Integrated Amplifier and Hawkwind's 26th studio album, The Machine Stops.

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