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British YouTube comedian serves up sausage rolls again for second Christmas charity hit song


A British YouTube comedian is banking on his obsession with sausage rolls to serve him up a second chart-topping hit this Christmas - and raise money to help feed people in need.

LadBaby, a self-described "dad-blogger" whose real name is Mark Hoyle, surprised music-lovers by scoring the coveted No1 slot in the charts last Christmas with his version of We Built This City which replaced "rock and roll" with "sausage rolls".

The song went viral and topped sales by the likes of US star Ariana Grande, with all profits going to food bank network The Trussell Trust which supplied more than 70,000 emergency food packages over the holiday period last year.

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The Trussell Trust said food banks in its network provided a record 1.6 million food supplies between April 2018 and March 2019, a 19 per cent increase on a year earlier, with data showing one in five people, or 14 million in Britain, are living in poverty.

Due to release his latest Christmas song on Dec 13, Hoyle has rewritten I Love Rock & Roll which again focuses on the British pastry and is packed with meaty puns and the chorus: I love sausage rolls, so put another one in the oven, baby.

Hoyle, 32, said he had not planned to do another song. "But when you think that we have the ability to change the lives of that many people then why would we not?" Hoyle said in a message on YouTube to more than 745,000 subscribers. REUTERS