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BT Weekend examines the reselling phenomenon

This week, BT Weekend finds out what drives the resellers' market where people shell out thousands for a S$200 sold-out concert ticket.

WOULD you pay four times the retail price of a limited edition pair of sneakers? Or thousands for a S$200 ticket to a sold-out concert? BT Weekend studies the phenomenon of the reselling market.

Meanwhile, enjoy the simple life in Australia's Bellarine Peninsula, find out how restaurants are benefiting from discount dining apps and test-drive the cool new Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet.

What is the difference between "OK" and "OK."? Everything. This week's Brunch feature examines how the meaning of punctuation is changing at warp-speed in the digital world.

Elsewhere in the paper, Cult Status looks at products from possibly the hottest beauty company now, while Cubicle Files examines the value of managers getting out of their offices and finding out what is really happening on the ground.

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