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Caring together as a company

Lion Trust employees show their love for the needy by giving and volunteering through the SHARE as One programme

Lion Trust Ren Ci popiah 20180413_151509.jpg
Lion Trust staff delighted the residents at Ren Ci with a popiah-making session.

Lion Trust Forest Adventure P9082839.jpg
Lion Trust staff participated in a treetop obstacle course at Forest Adventure with the children from Xin Yuan Community Care.

Swinging from trees and donating to charity may not seem related, but for the staff of Lion Trust (Singapore), both activities bonded them with the needy — thanks to Community Chest’s SHARE as One matching grant programme.

"The smiles of the children as they tackled a treetop obstacle course together with our staff were really heart-warming," says Lion Trust’s client services manager Adeline Chua, 30, recalling an outing at Forest Adventure organised by the company for children from low-income families.

Paying it forward

Lion Trust, which has a network of companies with offices in Hong Kong and New Zealand today, started in 2005 as a trust company offering personal and corporate trust solutions in Singapore.

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While the business enjoys a healthy growth, the company has not forgotten the segment of society that needs a helping hand for a better tomorrow.

In 2016, Lion Trust adopted SHARE, a monthly giving programme, because of its win-win SHARE as One arrangement. 

Under the SHARE as One programme, the Government provides a dollar-for-dollar matching of the amount of donations made by the company. Up to 50 per cent (capped at $10,000 per year) of this matching grant can be used by Lion Trust to organise corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. 

"SHARE gives us the confidence that 100 per cent of our employees' donations go towards helping those in need. 

"Furthermore, the company can utilise the SHARE as One matching grant to organise activities for our staff to get involved in volunteering work," says Mr Ashley Ong, 53, managing director of Lion Trust.

Giving and bonding

The company, which has about 20 employees in Singapore, donated close to $2,000 in the first year. The amount increased to about $3,000 in the following year.

Tapping on its SHARE as One matching grant, Lion Trust has organised several volunteering activities for its staff, including: 

  • An outing to the River Safari for special needs children from Rainbow Centre (November 2016);
  • A treetop obstacle course at Forest Adventure for children from Xin Yuan Community Care (September 2017); and
  • Partnering the Ren Ci charity healthcare institution to organise a do-it-yourself popiah session and distribute ice cream to the residents (April 2018).

"It was so meaningful to be engaged in the volunteering work made possible by the SHARE as One matching grant. 

"Looking at their joyful faces — from the Rainbow Centre kids and their caregivers at the River Safari, to the Ren Ci residents making popiah and queuing up for ice cream — we were so touched and encouraged to organise more activities," says Ms Chua.

Encourage everyone in your company to reach out to the needy by giving and volunteering together.

Continuous support
Your staff’s monthly donations will provide a sustained source of funds to a wide range of social service organisations.

Double impact
Under the SHARE as One programme, the Government provides dollar-for-dollar matching for any new or increased SHARE donations made from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2022.

Part of the matching fund can be used by your company to organise corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

Visit to find out more about the SHARE as One programme.


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