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Champion of a Polaroid behemoth yields to the digital world

John Reuter is closing his studio that has been renting out the camera to artists over the past 40 years

Postcards of photographs (above) taken by Elsa Dorfman, a photographer who uses the 20-by-24-inch Polaroid camera.

Dorfman (above) has managed to make one of the world's most unwieldy cameras, and one of the rarest, into an instrument of warmth and intimacy.

Avalanche (above) a polaroid photograph by William Wegman.

Wegman (above), the visual artist best known for his images of Weimaraner dogs, at his home photo studio in New York.

New York

OVER the last eight years, as cameras have become smaller and smaller - tiny enough to fit on a pair of glasses or inside a swallowable pill - John Reuter has been working to stave off extinction of one of the largest cameras ever made, so big and irredeemably analogue that it

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