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Dishing the dirt on India's toilet woes

Hit movie hits screens as PM Modi vows to build 100 million new toilets

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar (left) talking with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation "clean-up marshals" who work in the solid waste management sector. He chose to play the lead in Toilet because it highlighted the problems that so many women face.

Toilet, a Love Storytakes on one of India's most serious public health concerns. There are not enough toilets in the country, and around 564 million Indians - nearly half the population - still defecate in the open.

New Delhi

THE most popular movie in India this summer is about a toilet. It nearly causes a divorce. It makes a father slap his adult son. It splits a village in half. But, ultimately, it is about a romance.

More than just an ode to the commode, the film Toilet, a Love Storytakes...

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