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High-flyers, frequent flyers in BT Weekend


IN this week's BT Weekend, find out how the travel industry is falling over itself to cater to a new breed of frequent flyers who are short, picky about inflight entertainment and occasionally need to be burped.

With growing affluence, indulgent parents are taking their children - some no more than a few months old - on holidays to far-flung lands.

Elsewhere in the magazine, read about the new restaurants popping up at Robertson Quay, where to eat in Melbourne and how F P Journe makes watches that climb in value over time.

As companies come under cyber siege, a shortage of cybersecurity expertise looms. Brunch looks at how the cybersecurity troops are being marshalled, and the formidable foe they are up against.

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Also, the Disrupted column this week checks out Yotel Singapore, a "digital-first" hotel, while Cubicle Files examines the imposter syndrome - an affliction typically seen among overachievers who live in constant fear that they will be exposed as frauds.

This week, we talk to a high-flying management consultant to find out how she overcame the imposter syndrome, and how it is a lot more common than we think.

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