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It's the golden age of TV and writers are paying the toll

Three writers talk about the non-traditional career trajectories, long hours, substance use and uneven returns.

“I remember I was at urgent care, working on my script because I was on deadline and I didn’t want to tell them I was sick,” Kirk Moore says of an episode he wrote for American Crime. “So I finished it there.”

Jessica Queller, Supergirl co-showrunner, recalls: "All my boyfriends had been writers - I revered writers and storytelling, and had the epiphany around the age of 30. 'Oh, maybe I don't want to marry a manic-depressive alcoholic writer, maybe I just want to be one. I had this little voice inside of me going, 'I think I could do that'."

KIRK A Moore's sleeping pattern had landed him in the hospital. Working two jobs last year - he was a member of the writers' room on ABC's American Crime and contributing to the upcoming Netflix show 13 Reasons Why - Mr Moore was getting by on three hours of sleep (at most). He was also sipping...

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