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Learning by default, in BT Weekend


IN THE LAST three years, an unprecedented number of companies have defaulted on their Singdollar bond issues, and collapsed or gone into judicial management. The rising default toll continues to expose the vulnerabilities of the underdeveloped Singdollar corporate bond market. What lessons can issuers and investors draw? In Brunch this Saturday, in The Business Times Weekend.

The banking business has certainly transformed, as veteran banker Peter Seah shares. In the Raffles Conversation, he tells how he, and the industry, are getting up to speed.

In our Investing & Wealth section, CFA Singapore Insights zeroes in on the airline sector, with an in-depth analysis of the business of airlines in today's highly competitive market. The Fool's Eye View meanwhile has turned to drink, laying out why beer brewers make good dividend investments.

Jealousy is such an ugly emotion that few of us like to acknowledge - even to ourselves. But no matter how we try to deny its existence, or how self-assured we are (or appear to be), it somehow manages to surface when we least expect it to remind us that we are never above it, no matter which stage of life we are at. This week, Cubicle Files explores what makes us jealous at work - promotions, bonuses, awards - and how we can manage it.

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A smaller engine for the Land Rover Discovery lowers its price - but does it cost the car its masculinity? The Steering Column finds out.

And from our sports columnist, a preview of what promises to be a thrilling World Cup final between Les Bleus and Croatia.

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