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Look to the future, in BT Weekend


REI Kawakubo - high priestess of alternative fashion - is set to give Singapore's shopping scene a boost with the much-awaited arrival of Dover Street Market. Will she be able to cast her spell on local fashionistas?

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Elsewhere in BT's Weekend magazine, keeping to your diet when eating out is getting a lot easier as restaurants go the healthy route; and check out the latest passion of light-fingered hobbyists - paper art.

In the main paper, Brunch explores the rise of the modern-day co-op, and the future of work. No longer the sole domain of digital nomads, the coworking shared office space concept has come into the mainstream and is here to stay.

Market voices on:

Rewarding good workers with more work doesn't make sense. Yet, managers still do this, time and time again. Cubicle Files looks at what's at stake and if this problem can be fixed.

Meanwhile, the rise of the robot is making some feel threatened. Sass & The City says it's time for corporate drones to break out of their existential crisis.

Need some quality playtime? Gearhead meets a local startup whose Aftershock gaming PC is taking the fight to the big boys.

And in BT Motoring, our roundup of the latest in the auto world. The Mercedes-AMG S 63 shows us how a stately limousine can have a wild side, too. Check out the new Toyota Harrier, and see what's down the road in Mazda's next lap.

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