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PODCAST: Plan your CNY getaway with our tips for maximising air miles and stretching your dollar


Money Hacks Ep 16: Top travel hacks to stretch your dollar (8 min)

Synopsis: In this podcast series, The Straits Times and The Business Times offer tips for the newcomer to the financial investment scene. 

When travelling overseas, should you pay in Singapore dollars when using your credit card overseas? Should you swop out your SIM card when overseas, and risk missing out on important bank alerts on possible fraudulent activity?

What are the top things to do and not to do, especially when you key in your personal identification number (PIN) at an ATM overseas and something goes wrong? 

Anthony Seow - head of unsecured loans and cards for DBS Bank - also explains how DBS' multi-currency account can help you shop online, spend abroad or invest in markets at your preferred rate.

Money Hacks Ep 17: How to get the best out of your air miles and use forex wallets (6:30 min)

The hardcore miles junkie is quite the species as they hunt and research the best ways to get the ultimate deals. Get some good starter tips in this episode.

Is it better to redeem your miles for short-haul or long-haul flights? Again, Anthony Seow, head of unsecured loans and cards for DBS Bank, gives his top tips.

Both episodes produced by: Ernest Luis & Christopher Lim
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