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Sephora's tech makeover cuts a beautiful figure despite retail crisis

Its try-more-buy-more ethos embraces selfies, smartphones, scanners and social media to get customers to spend.

A virtual artist stand at its flagship store in New York gives customers an idea how different products will look on them. The world's top beauty retailer is turning its stores into cosmetics playgrounds by embracing technology.

Customers can have their faces scanned to get their Color IQ, a reference number used to find products that match their skin tones, or sit at digital workstations to take classes in contouring cheekbones.

IT was hard to tell if the opening of Sephora's new store near Herald Square in New York was a red carpet affair or a girl's night out at the spa. A DJ played techno-pop while guests sipped champagne and dabbed perfume on their wrists.

One 20-year-old wrapped her hair in a paper headband...

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