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Singapore fashion's red-carpet moments

As the Oscars roll around again this weekend in Hollywood, we check out local fashion labels that have seen red-carpet action of late.

Prism clutch by ONE.61.

Angela Bassett touting the white Mother of Pearl bag from the new ONE.61 2017 collection. Young brands such as ONE.61 and Mashizan are seen in the hands and on the feet of well-known celebrities such as Ms Bassett, Laverne Cox and Solange Knowles.

Mr Mashizan’s high-heeled shoes have been worn by Hollywood celebs.

THEY may be less than four years old, but these made-in-Singapore brands are getting their fair share of the limelight, shoulder-to-shoulder with traditional luxury brands on the international red carpet.

"Celebrity dressing is highly competitive, with stylists and celebrities vying to...

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