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Super Mario Run's not-so-super gender politics

Game rife with stale, retrograde gender stereotypes - elements expected in 1985 but that today are just embarrassing.

"Super Mario Run relegates its female characters to positions of near helplessness. Peach and Toadette become playable only after you complete certain tasks, which makes the women in the game feel like prizes." Chris Suellentrop According to one estimate, Nintendo's Super Mario Run was downloaded 37 million times in its first three days at the App Store. The game begins, as does almost every Super Mario title, with Princess Peach becoming a hostage who must be rescued by Mario.

LAST week, after a wait of almost a decade, the world's most popular video game series, Super Mario Bros, finally came to the world's most popular video game machine: the iPhone. Nintendo's Super Mario Run went immediately to the top of the App Store charts, above mainstays such as Facebook,...

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