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The prime heritage play in BT Weekend


SINGAPORE'S prime conservation shophouse market has been stirring of late, with prices moving significantly since the second half of last year. What's fuelling the interest in these heritage properties? Property analysts give their take on the market, and the small group of investors who hold portfolios of shophouses and are snapping up more tell why they're angling on the heritage play. In our Brunch feature this Saturday, in The Business Times Weekend.

Are we now risk on or off? All seems well on the financial market front. But as chartist Daryl Guppy points out in his Chart View column, the two commodities that are typically associated with risk are showing divergent characteristics - and that's worrying.

Also in the Investing & Wealth section, CFA Singapore Insights takes a closer look at the future of the future of finance: initial coin offerings.

Renault's Scenic is a quirky take on what a family car should be: a box that isn't boxy. The Steering Column checks it out.

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And in our Health page, cardiologist Michael Lim takes stock of stem cell therapy for heart disease - is it hype or hope?

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