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There's no place like Kangaroo Island. Can it survive Australia's wildfires?

Kangaroo Island - a wildlife haven, a tourism magnet and a farming hub - is now unrecognisable after weeks of wildfires

A kangaroo mother and a joey (baby kangaroo). Humanitarian groups have been at work, scouring soot-filled forests to pluck wounded koalas from trees and cut joeys out of their dead mothers' pouches.

Simon Kelly, a farmer, tending to a koala caught in the wildfires on his property on Kangaroo Island in Australia.

KANGAROO Island is Australia in miniature. It is a wildlife haven, with its own varieties of kangaroos, echidnas (a spiny anteater) and cockatoos, as well as a koala population seen as insurance should disaster strike the species on the mainland.

It is a tourism magnet, with luxury cliff-...