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Art nexus: The hottest South-east Asian art market right now, Filipino art is well-curated at the four-day Art Fair Philippines, where 70% of works were sold out on the first hour of the show. Leslie De Chavez's Michael Jackson- inspired installation at the Lopez Museum in Manila; Ayala Museum's current show of a work by Ai Wei Wei: (above) Christie's associate specialist Shuyin Yang and art historian Louis Ho, both Singaporeans, have been following the progress of Filipino art. -- PHOTO: HELMI YUSOF

Art scene hots up in Manila

Art collectors in-the-know are flocking to Manila for the strength & affordability of its art, writes HELMI YUSOF
Sep 15, 2014 12:09 PM

IN a chic restaurant in Manila, the "mother of Indonesian artists" was taking notes. With pen in hand, she scribbled down names of Filipino artists she wanted to commit to memory: "What did you say the artist's name was? Roberto... Cha... Chabet? Spell that for me please... And who's that other

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