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TACTILE LUXURY Adelene Koh, who is the founder of, conducting a bookbinding workshop. The pink goat leather journal (above) with the initials 'CG' was commissioned by a client, whose close friend and colleague was leaving town. - PHOTO: WWW.DDDOTS.COM

By the book

Book retail behemoths may have shuttered their doors over the past few years, but the ancient art of binding books by hand is undergoing a resurgence among craft-crazed aficionados.
Sep 6, 2014 6:00 AM

THERE is just something about the smell of books - that hint of vanilla, which experts attribute to the smell of lignin, a polymer present in all wood-based materials. Apart from its distinct scent, the heft of a book, the tactility of its cover and pages, makes holding a "real" book such a

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