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Millan walked the talk with difficult pooches on stage to the delight of 3,000 canine lovers.

Cesar holds court with kooky canines

19/06/2015 - 05:50

CELEBRITY dog behaviour expert Cesar Millan brought his well-loved TV show to life on stage at The Max Pavilion last Saturday in front of 3,000 canine lovers. Spotted in the crowd was former remisier king Peter Lim and his family.

Mixing one-liners (and cat jokes, naturally) with tips on how to rehabilitate your own problem pooch, the 100-minute show got off to a slow start when there was too much talk and not enough (anti-social) dogs. Things got better after the intermission when the self-taught Millan put his money where his mouth is and brought on the real stars of the show - the Amos Yees of the dog world - on stage with him. From a Maltese which won't stop chasing its tail to an easily-excitable Husky, The Dog Whisperer walked the talk and demonstrated his gift of pack leadership by rehabilitating every one of them. What can we say: Cesar saves!