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Fabien Verschaere’s wallsized mural of icons and idols, G-Live (2016).

(Left) Paolo Grassino’s installation Riot (The Two Towers) (2016/2019). (Right) Chun Sungmyung’s installation Swallowing The Shadow (2008).

Urs Luthi’s Sculpture In 2 Pieces (2018).

Hermann Nitsch’s altarinspired installation, 39thpainting action (1997).

(From left) Gloria Friedmann’s Society Of Enemies And Friends (2019); Bernardi Roig’s provocative sculptural installations; Kendell Geers’s painting Les Fleurs Du Mal (627) (2019).

Art: Stranger Things

Parkview Museum’s new show renders the world in partially unrecognisable forms, so we see it more clearly
Jul 5, 2019 5:50 AM

DID A SPACESHIP crash into Parkview Museum and set loose a colony of aliens capable of taking on human forms? One is sometimes reminded of sci-fi and horror films, from The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers to the latest Men In Black, as one walks through the museum’s latest exhibition.


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