Glitter and adventure in Omega’s newest collections

Be it sparkling gems or rugged journeys that you fancy, these watches have you covered.

BIG IS MIGHTY AND Swiss watch manufacturer Omega shows it not  just in the sheer number of timepieces it makes, but in the extensive collections it has under its name. Instead of resting on its laurels, the brand keeps expanding its collections and launching new watches. This year is no different, with two new glittering collections and an innovative diving timepiece that has travelled where neither watch nor human has ever gone.

A De Ville Mini Tresor in Stainless Steel Case and Oile de Jouy Double Wrap Strap. Photo: Omega

De Ville Mini Tresor

The first to catch your eye in the Tresor are the diamonds that sweep elegantly along each side of the watch. Not surprisingly, this key feature is synonymous with the model. A diamond is also set on an Omega flower in red liquid ceramic, engraved on the crown. Only ethically mined and processed "top Wesselton" white diamonds, with clarity ranging from pure to "very very small inclusions", are used. A final trait that defines the Tresor is the long and slender Roman numerals on the dial.

A De Ville Mini Tresor in Gold Case and Toile de Jouy Strap. Photo: Omega

The original Tresor in 1949 was encased in thin gold. The new bling collection includes two timepieces that have an Omega 18K Moonshine gold case, as well as a bracelet in matching gold. One of the watches even features hands, hour markers and the silk-like pattern dial in the same golden alloy; the other has a contrasting off-white "Grand Feu" enamel dial with black numerals.

Since 2017, the Tresor model has been streamlined for the 21st century to offer a new collection of classic timepieces with a modern edge. The transformation has spawned the 2022 Mini Tresor Collection which, like its name, offers petite timepieces with a 26 mm wide case. It's for those who like bold without going big. 

Three of the watches in the collection feature a gold case and, instead of a gold bracelet, a gorgeous new Toile de Jouy strap inspired by traditional French fabric design. The straps come in patterns of blue, black and red which complement the off-white enamel dials with indexes in colours matching the strap patterns. Each colour represents Omega's DNA: blue sea is a tribute to the brand's ocean heritage; black butterfly to its history of air and space exploration; and red floral to Omega's passion for Earth.

The All-Gold De Ville Mini Tresor Watch. Photo: Omega

There are also three stainless steel watch versions in the same Toile de Jouy straps, except that the straps are "double tour" wraps, providing a stylish and secure way to fit the Mini Tresor to the wrist.

Price: S$6,200 -  S$30,400

Constellation Aventurine

The defining feature of this collection is a dial made from natural Aventurine stone. Aventurine is a kind of microcrystalline quartz that sparkles with beauty and is comparable to goldstone. The "adventurous stone", as it's also known, is said to have healing properties as well. It can, for example, calm nerves, lift the mood, strengthen the mind and improve eyesight. Each stone looks different from another, so no two Aventurine watches are ever alike.

Close-up view of a Constellation Aventurine. Photo: Omega

The new Aventurine collection has 12 new editions, in stainless steel and the brand's Sedna gold. All glimmer with Aventurine stone dials - in green, red or blue - framed in a 29 mm case and matching colour leather straps. Choose between a bezel paved in diamonds, or engraved with Roman numerals. The watches run on Omega's cutting edge Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8700, or 8701 for the gold models.

Price: S$15,050 - S$29,300

Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

Stamped on the case-back of the Ultra Deep are the words "Diver's watch 600, for saturation diving", which reaffirm the watch's rugged credentials. Yes, you're looking at a watch that in 2019 reached the deepest point on earth. Now, three years after, the Ultra Deep, water-resistant to a depth of 600, is available in a 45.5 mm case - a large timepiece built on high-performance material and patent-pending designs that represent the very pinnacle of Omega's dive watch legacy.

Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep. Photo: Omega

This extreme diving watch comes in a black as well as orange and blue bezel, but the colours are incidental. The main point of the Ultra Deep is that it capped Omega's long history of diving watches. Among the latter were the world's first diving watch for civilian divers and the first professional diver's watch that could go as deep as 300 m. The Ultra Deep has gone 10,925 m deep in the Pacific Ocean - and survived. That was in 2019, when three Ultra Deep watches joined explorer Victor Vescovo on a mission to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

The new Ultra Deep boasts 7 models. The main piece is crafted in sand-blasted and forged grade 5 titanium, topped with a brushed ceramic bezel bearing a liquid metal diving scale mounted on the case. Popping above the black ceramic titanium dial is a domed sapphire, which provides its cover. The NATO strap is sewn from polyamide yarn, sourced from 100 per cent recycled fishing nets. The other six watches are encased in a new high-performance stainless steel, O-MEGASTEEL - stronger than normal steel and whiter, with an incomparable shine. The bracelet also comes in O-MEGASTEEL, but the watches may be worn with a rubber strap. The Ultra Deep timepieces are powered by the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8912, a movement certified to be highly precise and anti-magnetic.

Price: S$16,450 - S$18,050 (titanium)



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