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A race-winning formula for your car

Esso Synergy Supreme+ is developed in the same labs as race fuels to power your engine for a smooth and efficient ride
Sep 27, 2019 5:50 AM

The past weekend, Formula 1 (F1) fans in Singapore got to witness heart-pumping race action at the F1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2019. Widely regarded as the epitome of motorsport, F1 thrills millions of fans all over the world with its unparalleled ability to bring together the world’s best drivers and teams, coupled with state-of-the-art engineering. 

Powering these machines are equally sophisticated fuels and lubricant blends designed to extract maximum performance and protect over 4,000 moving parts in the cutting-edge race engines over the 21-race Formula 1 season.

Formula 1 is regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport and the ultimate proving ground for race teams, engine manufacturers and technology partners. Beyond the racing track, the 10-month season also serves as a test bed for new technologies and blends that are being considered for consumer production.

A leader in oil and gas since 1950, ExxonMobil has been partnering the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team since 2017 to develop and supply high-performance race fuel and lubricants, and provide the team with full-time laboratory and trackside engineering support.

This synergistic partnership has been one of the ingredients in the success of lead driver Max Verstappen, who has since won seven Grands Prix since 2016.

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Verstappen's newest team member, Alexander Albon, has attributed the great start to his career with the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team to the support and partnership with ExxonMobil.

He says: "The past two races has been a solid start to my time with the team and I am excited to continue developing my understanding of the car. It's a big team with a lot of people to get to know, and I'm enjoying that part of the challenge. It's also important for me to develop my technical knowledge in all areas, so having the chance to spend some time with the team at Esso has been valuable. The partnership is hugely important to us, and as a driver I'm grateful for the performance that Esso brings to the car."

Off the tracks, the collaboration empowers ExxonMobil engineers to tinker, examine, and improve upon its consumer fuels such as Esso Synergy Supreme+. The proprietary blend, developed in the same labs as the Synergy Race Fuels, comprises double the additives and has the ability to reduce engine deposits by 50 per cent.

Additionally, the Esso Synergy Supreme+ is packed with demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors. The former helps prevent water from being accumulated in the fuel tank by allowing it to be separated and subsequently removed, while the latter assists in preventing the build-up of rust within the fuel distribution system and on key engine parts, giving drivers better fuel economy and a smoother drive.

Pick the winning formula this season – fuel up with Esso Synergy Supreme+ and extend that new engine feel.