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Min Chan is featured with a Starlight Blue MINI Cooper Convertible in front of her restaurant Decker Barbecue.

The Free Spirit

Oct 26, 2018 5:50 AM

Who are you?

I’m Min Chan, owner and operator of two restaurants – Club Street Social and Decker Barbecue. I’m incredibly passionate about the food and beverage business. I started out as a management trainee at Raffles Hotel years ago, doing everything from being a receptionist to a concierge, but I knew very quickly that I was happiest in food service. Today, despite my hectic schedule running two restaurants, I always find time to read up on global dining trends to see how I can bring something new to the table.

What drives you?

I do what I do everyday because I love the people I interact with. I’m not chasing money or recognition – what I enjoy most is making someone’s day better, whether that person is a staff member or a customer. I’m very hands-on in service and know almost every regular customer who comes to my restaurants.

What do you do in your free time?

I cook a lot. I have a lot of chef friends and we do regular "family dinners" together. Our latest project was slow-smoking, then charcoal-grilling, a 10 kg bone-in ribeye. We ate steak till we fell over – we literally had meat sweats – all in the name of research and development! Food aside, I work out a lot to stay fit and sane. As a child, I was a pretty serious athlete, but I hadn’t been very active until last year when I became a born-again exercise enthusiast. Now I sleep early, wake up every day to go to yoga, and also train at a gym called Ritual at least three times a week. Ritual gives me a full workout in just 20 minutes; I’m in and out of the gym within 35 minutes. Perfect for my tight schedule.

Finish this sentence. I’m inspired by… world cuisines. The restaurant business is full-on, so I don’t get to take weekends off for quick getaways. So once a year, I take a trip to a country and explore its food culture. This November, I’ve planned a solo trip to Marrakesh because I’ve always been interested in North African cuisine. Last year, I spent 10 days in Mexico, and the year before that, Italy.

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