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My weekend

What people do, why and where as told to Dylan Tan, Tay Suan Chiang, Helmi Yusof
19/11/2016 - 05:50

Anita Kapoor

TV Host &

Breakfast Lover

"Saturday is my favourite day of the week. It seems filled with endless possibilities and the hours stretch the way a holiday does. Time stands still.

You'll find me waking early and often in a cafe or in Little India, wolfing down brekkie, staring into space, or earphones in. Solo, with solitude, and satisfied.

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I love Group Therapy, Artistry, The Lokal and Komala Villas. They each understand breakfast and how to leave you alone.

These days I'm building a yoga habit, so a Saturday morning or afternoon class really does it for me - I go to Updog on East Coast Road, because their vibe is inclusive and relaxed but they "pummel" me to a pulp on the mat!

As for Sunday, that's a sacred day - family day. So we gather for food and the occasional dig that only sisters can do so well to each other - we love each other dearly. And, of course, there are hugs and kisses and probing questions from my mum. Simple things. Simple love. Simple life."

Cecilia Leong-Faulkner

Managing Director of British Theatre Playhouse

"I'm responsible for running my company based in Singapore, and in so doing I oversee my team in producing and presenting theatrical and musical shows in London and bringing them to Singapore and the region.

Some of my weekends are burnt when we are doing a show. Just last week, we finished a David Bowie tribute show (three nights at Ce La Vi, Marina Bay Sands), which required a lot of work, but it was also very rewarding as it was a huge success.

But I try to reserve weekends for chilling out because I also attend a lot of weekday evening functions. I love nice parties and events, and I regularly get invited to some good ones throughout the year thanks to my work.

I also like staying healthy and fit by trying to work out at the gym on a daily basis if possible. On weekends when I have more time, I go to the wonderful one at the British Club.

This coming weekend, I'll be checking into One Farrer Hotel's spa to pamper myself with nice spa treatments and a massage.

I also can't wait to catch up with friends over a delightful meal at one of my favourite restaurants, the Raffles Grill - I am celebrating my birthday and they look after me very well!"

Winnie Chan

Co-founder of

Bynd Artisan

"This is the last weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday in USA and although Singapore does not celebrate Thanksgiving, quite a few friends are organising get-together meals to catch up. Tonight, we are looking forward to dinner at a foodie friend's home, and enjoying a wonderful home cooked meal. They love experimenting with flavours and techniques and never fail to impress.

Next week, our son's rugby team and parents will also gather for a Thanksgiving meal.

Work goes on even though it is the weekend. We will be setting up a Bynd Artisan shop in shop at Pedder on Scotts. We are very happy with our Lane Crawford HK collaboration which sees us starting in Canton Road Kowloon. The team is very professional and a pleasure to work with.  Hence, we are very excited to work together with the same group for Pedder On Scotts.

 On a personal basis, I love shopping at On Pedder for shoes and accessories and they have such beautiful visual merchandising and cool collaborations, it's always a refreshing store to visit."