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The spacious car porch and the living grid on the side.

A clear view of the waterway even from the entrance of the home.

Keeping the colour palette and furniture fuss-free.

The family often dine at the outdoor deck.

Waking up to a garden-like view.

The island counter and dining room.

The facade of this home is made of an aluminium frame and real plants

Living In A Grid

First impressions count when you live in Sentosa Cove. This house doesn’t disappoint.
Oct 11, 2019 5:50 AM

SENTOSA COVE IS a treasure trove of eye-catching houses. There’s one that looks like a futuristic temple flanked by two statues of the Egyptian god Anubis. There are also award-winners such as the one with a wavy rooftop garden featuring large overhanging eaves that’s perfect for tropical living