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TUCK IN: (above) Escolar Adobo Style, a deep-sea fish cooked in corn beer and chilli peppers, with crispy sweet potatoes and pickled pearl onions.

TUCK IN: Jungle Meringue (above), a dessert made with smooth Tonka bean cream, tart araza meringue and seasonal Amazonian fruit.

'Peruvian food is known among foodies, so my big challenge is to introduce the cuisine to regular folks, and to make it popular.' - Chef Schiaffino.

Peruvian high

Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino makes his first foray out of Peru with restaurant ERU in Singapore, and promises to keep things authentic.
May 2, 2015 5:50 AM

MOVE over, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian cuisines. The next hottest item on the menu to entice the Singapore palate could well be from South America - Peru, to be exact. This comes courtesy of ERU, soon to open at The Patina, Capitol Singapore. The Peruvian restaurant will be headed by

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