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The New Black's special equipment will allow baristas to brew coffee just as each individual roaster intended.

The Carrier is a specially designed sheet with openings that folds to hold the cup.

The 3m-long prototype workstation is all stainless steel and glass, a professional coffee-maker's wet dream.

Kia says 'we're not going into food courts; we're going to serve a very specific market'

Specialty coffee for the corporate crowd

Coffee purveyor The New Black aims to change high-quality coffee-drinking habits in the CBD in a spectacular way.
Nov 14, 2014 5:50 AM

THE unstoppable force that is the coffee-drinking scene here, powered by a growing number of local roasters dedicated to high-quality coffee, is about to enter a new phase that will have coffee-lovers licking their lips in approval and - if it takes off - turn Singapore into a prime mover in the

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