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(Left) On Mark: Cotton T-shirt with Keith Haring print, cotton longsleeved shirt (worn under) and calfskin jacket, all by Coach and Fuss-Free Bag: Coach cross-body bag: "It is the perfect size to put everything I need when I head out, especially my travel documents so I can get through security checks quickly."

(Left) Camera Ready:Nikon D750 camera and Sunset in Nikko: Sunset in Nikko, Japan, shot by Mark Wei.

(Left) Cool Shades:Sunglasses by Coach. and Travel Companion: Coach suede jacket: The patchwork detail gives this suede leather jacket more character.

High Flier

Mark Wei takes his travel blogging hobby as seriously as his day job
Mar 9, 2018 5:50 AM

IT'S NOT EASY to pull off a dual career with finesse, but 29-year-old Mark Wei is well on his way there. He's already a successful management consultant, citing his biggest career achievement to date as "being able to advise my clients on a nationwide pricing strategy for a global restaurant

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