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Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Flower Brooch with Diamonds in Yellow Gold (S$18,900)

Nature and Tradition

Corinne Kerk meets the unconventional designers behind two distinctly different jewellery brands.
03/12/2016 - 05:50

Nature & Tradition


Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

The Lynggaard family picture featured in the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen press release is a slightly strange one. It reminds you somewhat of those odd vintage photographs that inspired the book, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. There's a toddler standing on a man's hand and most of the 13, stylishly-dressed family members are not even looking at the camera, but appear distracted by something else.

But don't let this unconventional family portrait fool you. The brand is about modern jewellery made the traditional way - more than 45 goldsmiths handcraft most of its pieces in its workshop north of Copenhagen.

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Founded in 1963 by Ole Lynggaard, the brand was appointed Purveyor to the Danish Royal Court in 2008. Ole's daughter, Charlotte, is now the chief designer of the family-run high-end brand, while his son, Søren Lynggaard, is chief executive officer.

Having always used her hands ever since she was a little girl to sew, knit, cook and draw, Ms Lynggaard wasn't sure if she should follow in her father's footsteps, work in the public relations field or pursue a career in fashion. But a stint in a Parisian public relations agency specialising in jewellery brands made it all clear to her. "I realised I could combine many of my interests and my passion for jewellery and craftsmanship by becoming a goldsmith and entering my father's company."

Ms Lynggaard's designs for the brand's handcrafted creations in 18-carat gold embellished with stones are often inspired by Scandinavian nature.

"The cold crisp light in winter time changing to warm and blurry on long summer days, the forests and the sea. Having all this around me when growing up has definitely had a significant impact on my love of nature," she says, adding that many characteristics in the natural world are found in her designs - the organic shapes and surfaces, mix of colours and hand-picked stones.

The Leaves collection, for instance, is close to her heart as the satin look and texture on each surface is achieved by an old and time-honoured hand-engraving technique that requires great precision and attention to detail. "The organic shape, the reference to nature, and the fact that you can see that it is a collection that derives from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, are all elements that encapsulate our DNA, our proud traditions and our passion for the craft," says Ms Lynggaard.

This year, the brand's overall theme, universe and colour palette were inspired by the travelling circus from the 1920s. Next year's theme and collections, however, are inspired by the creative atelier of an artist or designer and will showcase a more serene colour palette of grey, white and rose colours. There will also be a "blush" moonstone introduced.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen's jewellery pieces are priced from $350 for a silk bracelet to $59,500 for an Elephant pendant with green tourmaline drop and diamonds.

In Singapore, they are carried by LaPrendo, a multi-brand retailer of ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, jewellery, and lifestyle goods. LaPrendo recently held an intimate presentation of some of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen's one-of-a-kind, exclusive pieces that have to be specially ordered.