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What men should know about wearing perfume

Nov 27, 2017 5:50 AM

Different smells evoke different emotions and memories for different people. The enticing aroma of freshly baked bread could mean a happy childhood to one person and a bittersweet relationship to another.

So, a man’s scent and personal choice of fragrance can not only help him to make the right first impression, it can also make it easier for others to remember him fondly.

Whether the setting is professional or romantic, wearing the perfect cologne can help you polish your style, boost your confidence and add a refined touch to your personality.

Before you pick your signature scent, here are some things you need to know.

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1. Picking your perfume

Consider something that will not only be pleasing to your own nose, but will also complement your natural scent. Test a fragrance on yourself before you commit to it. Perfumes change in character over the course of the day, so wearing one for five to six hours should let you know its different characteristics.

To test a fragrance, spray it on your wrist and take a whiff. You should be able to detect its top notes, the perfume’s lighter smells. Wear the perfume for at least two hours before smelling it again – this should reveal the perfume’s middle notes. After about five hours, you should be able to detect its base notes, which are the bolder elements and often take longer to develop on the skin.

2. How to apply it

Perfume should be noticeable on a person, not aggressive. Two splashes of the fragrance should be sufficient. When applying it, hold the bottle about 15cm away from your skin. Spray the perfume on the skin and let it dry without rubbing it. The friction from rubbing will break the molecular bonds of the fragrance and make it weaker.

3. Where to apply it

Pulse points on your body are the best places to spray a fragrance because they produce heat, helping in the release of different notes in the perfume. These points include the wrists, neck and inside the elbows.

It is best to apply a fragrance right after a shower. The slight moisture on your skin will lock in the scent and help it last longer. Wait for a few minutes for the perfume to dry before getting dressed.

Avoid spraying a fragrance on your clothes – perfumes can stain white clothing and damage fabric fibres over time.

4. Do not use it as a cover-up

Though fragrances make you smell amazing, they should not be used to mask bad odours. Your natural body odour affects the perfume negatively. When you are sweaty or unclean, the chemicals on the skin can react badly with the perfume to create even more unpleasant smells.

Here are some fragrances to try:

Montblanc Legend Spirit, $120 for 100ml

The newest addition to the Montblanc Legend line, this masculine scent captures a virile and textural freshness. Inspired by various shades of white, from snow to marble, the intense fragrance has top notes of pink peppercorn, grapefruit and bergamot. Middle notes of cardamom and lavender give the scent a powerful heart, while bass notes of white musk and oak moss add a lush touch.

Montblanc Legend, $120 for 100ml

A mysterious scent that evokes a subtle strength, the Montblanc Legend has a classic woody aroma. Refreshing top notes of lavender and citrus merge into sensual middle notes of white cedar, rose and fresh Jasmine. The charming fragrance is completed with earthy bass notes of evernyl, coumarin and sandalwood. A complex and and magnetic signature scent.

Both fragrances are available online at Zalora and Lazada, major department stores and multi-label stores such as Sephora and Sasa.