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We Make Financial Planning Simple and Transparent!

How often do you find yourself wondering if the recommended products are truly what you need? Do you know if they benefit you or your agent more? We're here to change that.


iFAST was launched in the year 2000 during the dotcom boom with the aim of making a positive difference in the life of investors through the use of Fin- Tech. Our belief and core values of Integrity, Innovation and Transparency has led us through the years and the many more to come. Our determination to provide consumers and Financial Advisers the best of opportunities have been well recognized by the industry, with iFAST Corporation Ltd. receiving "Most Transparent Company Award 2015, New Issues Category" at the SIAS Investors Choice Awards.

Many consumers avoid adviser-assisted financial planning due to a lack of trust. This could be the fear of potentially meeting financial advisers who may push products based on commissions and incentives. These fears are genuine, but they also prevent you from seeking the financial planning advice you need.

This is why transparency is valuable, important, and what you deserve. We want to provide our clients with the power of transparency in fees, commissions and information to overcome those fears, and ultimately make the best decisions for themselves. Similarly, we expose our advisers to a variety of instruments and a vast network of industry experts to build their knowledge and expertise. This is further reinforced by our comprehensive in-house trainings to ensure that they stay up-to-date and well-informed.

Here at iFAST Global Markets, we believe in empowering you to cultivate your knowledge on the different investment and insurance products. Get in touch with and learn from an iGM Adviser, utilise our platform and learn to trust again.

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Transparency is what you deserve and it is what you'll enjoy with iFAST.

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