The SME Magazine (July/August 2016)

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Young blood

Young leaders are starting to shake up family businesses and change the way that they operate.

Whether you are a family business, a startup or an established business, innovation is something that you cannot get away from. With innovation already in the spotlight, we decided to further focus on it in this issue of The SME Magazine.


As technical adviser and executive director of Corporate Citizen Foundation, Hassan Ahmad goes where he is needed.

Think Global, Think Standards

Adopting national and international standards will help SMEs improve productivity and build overseas markets.

Global Edge

Home-grown brands Adonis and Spa Esprit Group are flourishing and actively seeking expansion opportunities.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Local startup XYZ Wave crafts experiences through the use of gesture-based interactive solutions.

Technological Edge

Singapore is embarking on an innovation drive, and much attention has been targeted at high-potential deep-technology startups in the nascent medical technology, clean technology, and advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors.


SMEs should consider owning short remaining lease land-based industrial facilities.


A list of asking rents for office and industrial space, and sales caveats.

Legal Adviser

There has been significant progress over the past five years but the regulatory environment in Myanmar remains challenging.

Smart Capital

Businesses that work in cooperation will find opportunities for innovation as partners can help identify efficiencies, lend expertise, supply key components and provide market access.


In a tough year when sales are down and most brands have played it safe with re-issues of iconic pieces, some have made a bold move with new and path-breaking watches.


A listing of companies with issued capital between $200,000 and $5 million.