The SME Magazine (May/June 2016)

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Playing the game

Venture capital is like a game of poker where players (VC firms in this case) compete for the best combination of cards - or portfolio of companies - to make the most returns on their investments.

HEARING venture capitalists (VCs) refer to making an investment in your company as taking a gamble may seem like rubbing salt into a wound, particularly when businesses themselves seem rather averse to teaming up with VCs.


Cheryl Gan is seeing to the expansion plans of Mt Sapola, which retails naturopathic aromatherapy products; rebranding perfumery gift store 365 Days; and overseeing the automation for production and manufacturing unit Barn & Potter.

Managing Talent

Feinmetall has conducted a bottom-up revamp of its human resource systems and policies after embarking on Spring's HR Diagnostic, taking measures such as having performance appraisals that are tailored to the different types of work that staff do.

Global Edge

Twelve Cupcakes and Page One have set up shop in Hong Kong, and share why the city is key to their expansion strategy.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Your household essentials are just one click away with honestbee, Asia's first concierge grocery delivery service offering consumers products from a selection of grocery stores and supermarkets in one central online platform.

Smart Capital

Kwanpen internationalised by understanding the new market landscape, responding to customer demand and aligning its brand value to sustainability, ethical practices and conservation.


It is critical that SMEs have a good handle on the value of their assets, especially when they have manufacturing operations in different locations.


A list of asking rents for office and industrial space, and sales caveats.

Legal Adviser

The key to a productive and pleasant relationship between founding shareholders and venture capital investors lies in negotiating and documentating the investment and shareholders agreement.


BaselWorld is the launching pad of trend-setting high-end timepieces, and there was no shortage of new watches unveiled this year.


A listing of companies with issued capital between S$200,000 and S$5 million.