The SME Magazine (November/December 2015)

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Constant construction

Companies in the early stages of their life cycle should look at whether their mission statement matches with their branding strategy while more established companies should have an internal exercise once a year.

I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to say that it has been a intense year - intense (albeit on both ends of the spectrum) from the passing of our first prime minister in the first half of the year, to the year-long SG50 celebrations which culminated in the National Day celebrations; but also intense in terms of the difficulties faced by businesses as they continued to toil and struggle under an unforgiving economic landscape both regionally and globally.


Jenny Tay, managing director of Direct Funeral Services, is forthright about educating people about advance preparation and systematically professionalising not just the family business, but the entire industry.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Snehal Patel, co-founder of Singapore-based healthcare app MyDoc, talks about how it seeks to improve overall accessibility to health care by better connecting the four parts of the healthcare ecosystem - patients, professionals, partners and payers.

Construction Productivity

More SMEs in the construction sector are adopting new technologies to save costs and boost productivity.

Cutting Edge

Expanding a product line allows companies to exploit newer materials or technologies; tap market opportunities; meet ever-changing customer needs and boost customer loyalty.


Designing and creating a suitable and comfortable workplace to complement the company’s culture and staff generation ratios is one way that enables SMEs to attract and retain talent.


A list of asking rents for office and industrial space, and sales caveats.

Legal Adviser

Corporate venture capital are investments of corporate funds by corporate entities directly into external startups. They are used to advance a company's strategic objectives, and aim to make the most of the synergies between the CVC and the new venture.

Technological Edge

Spring has supported 94 Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT) projects to date, benefiting 632 SMEs and startups in capability development since the programme's inception.

Smart Capital

SMEs will need to solve their talent shortage; manage rising costs; leverage technology and create opportunities for expansion.


Watches & Wonders, the annual luxury watch show in Hong Kong, takes off on its own with the unveiling of some key timepieces at the event last month.


A listing of companies with issued capital between S$200,000 and S$5 million.