Wealth (October 2020)


Trading in ultra-luxe homes slows

PANDEMIC or not, trading in the most expensive homes in Singapore has continued. But hitting the 2019 volume is unlikely as buyers have become more selective.

REAL estate has always been a favoured asset among Singaporeans, and recent data attesting to price resilience is likely greeted with relief.


 IN LAND-SCARCE Singapore, property development is a highly competitive, capital intensive business, where developers vie fiercely for the prized X factor that could lift a project in a landscape already replete with skyscrapers.


Please share with us your outlook for S-Reits broadly with a six to 12-month view, in terms of growth expectations, valuations, distributions and other factors you think relevant.


OF ALL the industries labelled as unsustainable, mining ranks among the worst.


INVESTING for sustainability and impact has rapidly risen in prominence over the last couple of years. Union Bancaire Privee(UBP) laid the groundwork for its commitment to build an impact franchise around four years ago, borne of a strong conviction that as a family-owned bank it had to act responsibly.

UNITED Nations (UN) goal of providing clean water and sanitation for all by 2030 is proving to be challenging in Asia. What does this mean for the region and what is being done to ensure this most basic of human rights?


STOCK markets have been resilient in 2020, accentuating an apparent divide from the real economy. Thomas Rupf, head of investment advisory & treasury Asia for VP Bank Ltd(Singapore), shares his views and advice for clients.


IN SUDDEN downturns and times of uncertainty - in this case, exacerbated by a pandemic situation - investors lean towards stable returns. Growth in demand in UK property suggests it's still seen as a safe and secure asset.