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Trump's fate likely to be decided at the ballot box, not by Congress

With a Republican Senate, it's not tough to imagine the outcome of Stage 2 of the impeachment proceedings. But it will be for voters to process this drama.

When President Bill Clinton, and President Richard Nixon before him, faced impeachment proceedings, they showed the American people they were in charge of the country - by making trips abroad so as to appear to be taking care of the nation's interests. But when President Donald Trump attended Nato's 70-year anniversary events in London this week, he didn't come across as the leader of the Western alliance. He was the butt of (off-camera) jokes by fellow leaders.

AFTER the impeachment process was initiated against him in 1974, Republican President Richard Nixon did what American presidents do when they are in political trouble: he started travelling abroad a lot.

Like Democratic President Bill Clinton who also faced an impeachment fight in 1998,...

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