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Three questions with The Floral Atelier

Ms Chew: 'Automating cumbersome processes also frees up my team's time to focus on more productive work.'

LELIAN Chew, the founder of The Floral Atelier, knew from the get-go that technology has the potential to boost business growth.

The Floral Atelier is the sister company of The Wedding Atelier, a luxury wedding planning and design firm which Ms Chew set up five years ago in Hong Kong, and two years later in Singapore.

Why is it important for your business to be digitally oriented?

Lelian: I started both businesses understanding it was crucial for the company to go digital if we wish to scale. Going digital allows us to have a global reach - we have customers and clients in the US, Europe and all over Asia without the need for a physical presence.

Automating cumbersome processes also frees up my team's time to focus on more productive work.

How have cloud-based solutions helped your business grow?

Lelian: We have two offices - in Hong Kong and Singapore - and I constantly travel to see our clients and buyers.

Using cloud-based solutions - such as accounting, customer relationship management, sales and marketing platforms - is crucial in ensuring I have all the information at my fingertips on the go.

This allows me and my team to work anywhere, anytime, seamlessly.

What was your top takeaway from Budget 2018?

Lelian: Budget 2018 is born from a position of strength - Singapore's productivity growth is the highest since 2010.

So it is no surprise that this Budget is focused on nurturing a sustainable economy that can meet the resulting increased spend. The government is becoming less broad with its approach of deploying business grants; there is now a strong skew towards technology and R&D.

This means that savvy businesses that want to benefit from government support will need to grow in the right way - geared towards tech.