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Champion of Change: How Canon Transforms Nexia TS’ Processes

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Henry Tan, Managing Director, Nexia TS
Henry Tan, Managing Director, Nexia TS.

IN today’s business climate, a competitive arena that is always red hot and evolving, along with the ceaseless demand of goods and services from discerning clients, are the key driving forces behind a company’s impetus for change and innovation. These forces are putting pressure on businesses to seek greater efficiency to streamline their operations and reap more fruitful results. As the world goes digital, the obvious answer to this issue is digital transformation, or the reinvention of an organisation through the use of digital technology to improve performance.


That said, the power of digital transformation is akin to the early discovery of fire – many are aware of its sheer benefits and ability to create change, but not many may be brave or skilful enough to possess the nous to harness it for the betterment of their lives. Likewise, many firms, while aware of the imperative to upgrade themselves, remain unprepared for the wave of digitisation sweeping the business world. They lack the necessary skills, technologies, and processes to transform themselves into digitally mature organisations. Findings by research consultant Forrester revealed that only five percent of organisations feel that they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors (Forrester, 2015).

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In the pursuit of efficiency, many roadblocks can severely disrupt an enterprise and slow it down. For some companies, there is no system in place to facilitate proper communication, resulting in the need for manual data entry that is both tedious and unproductive. For others, it is a bottleneck caused by data or file retrieval, where a lack of a common database or filing system leads to precious man-hours being used to locate documents from multiple sources. In general, the perpetual fly in the ointment for the modern business is time and the way it is utilised.


The Canon Factor


The good news? Digital transformation can eliminate many of these roadblocks. By making use of technological solutions and replacing rigid processes with automated workflows, you reduce friction in your business and increase workplace productivity. This is where Canon comes into the fray. For years, Canon has gained a reputation as a strong industry leader in office automation, seeing a shift from a traditional business model to a focus in solution sales. At the core of it all is a belief that in difficulty lies opportunity, and that business can still be simple today.


Canon strives to create value for clients by helping them find solutions that enable them to adapt to the digital era, simplify their operations, and consequently make progress in the areas of profit, productivity, and performance. A case in point is Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation. Ranked among the top 10 accounting firms in Singapore for three consecutive years, the company is constantly driving new innovations in order to deliver the best to their clients. However, being forward thinking in an ever-evolving business environment has seen Nexia TS striving to keep up with the latest technological enhancements to aid the delivery of high quality and personalised services.


Business complexity is also proving to be a hindrance to growth. “Productivity decreases when too much time is used addressing documentation issues. Nexia TS is a fast paced accounting firm where many transactions take place concurrently, therefore we cannot afford to mull on administrative matters. Having high performance printers make our job simpler in terms of production speed/turnaround time and functionalities that enable us to be more efficient,” says Mr Henry Tan, Managing Director of Nexia TS.


Their commitment to serve over 90 listed companies in the areas of external audit, internal audit, and advisory means that reliable and effective solutions are needed to simplify mundane administrative processes to free them up to focus on more important issues. Mr Tan also shares, “Nexia TS offers a complete suite of professional accounting and corporate advisory services with more than 200 employees servicing our clientele, we need extremely efficient processes.”


Speed, Stability, Sustainability


With these challenges in mind, Nexia TS turned to Canon’s range of multifunctional hardware and software solutions. Mr Tan adds, “As a reputable accounting firm handling large amount of financial information on a day-to-day basis, data confidentiality is our utmost priority to ensure that information is not compromised at all times. With Canon’s uniFLOW Print Management System, secure Print & Scanning enables materials being secured by ID log in of the respective engagement managers, hence eliminating any exposure of sensitive documents left unclaimed with traditional printers.”

In terms of hardware solutions, the new imageCLASS MF735Cx multifunction printer has made all the difference to Nexia TS’ workflow and eradicated existing workplace challenges. Its high-performance features include a print speed of up to 28ppm and a monthly print volume of up to 4,000 pages, allowing a simpler printing process which increases production speed, turnaround time, and functionalities that enable them to be more efficient.


“The use of high performance Canon imageCLASS MF735Cx multifunction printer results in lesser paper wastage with its auto duplex print function therefore reduces our carbon footprints to create a greener and sustainable eco-system. This aligns with our current environmental responsibility efforts by using recycled paper to reduce pollution, and engaging documents destruction specialist to securely dispose and recycle our confidential documents,” shares Mr Tan.


Through Canon’s injection of technological innovation, Nexia TS now enjoys a higher productivity level, lower printing costs, secure access to documents, and greater efficiency – all brought about by a cohesive human-artificial intelligence collaboration made possible by Canon’s commitment to change while keeping businesses simple.