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Demand for programmers hits full boil as US job market simmers

With supply of talent squeezed, companies are turning to new ways of recruiting and retaining software engineers

Ms Ouliana Trofimenko, head of technical recruiting at Mapbox, says about 35 per cent of their total staff is female. The company also benefits because women tend to refer friends into the company at a higher rate than men.

Mapbox, which is helping to build navigation systems for driverless cars, hired about 134 employees in 2017 and plans to hire 150 this year.

OULIANA Trofimenko and Annie Rihn, who work for different technology companies on the West Coast, are both on the front lines of one of the biggest challenges to US economic growth right now: a scarcity of technology talent.

Ms Trofimenko, head of technical recruiting at Mapbox, a...

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