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Lessons from two Smart Nations: Germany & Estonia

Innovation and entrepreneurship help strengthen ties between Singapore, Germany and Estonia.

Visitors at a job fair at Tempelhof airport in Berlin, German. Citizens were instrumental in turning the former Tempelhof airport (built at the beginning of the 1920s) into one of the world's largest, centrally located open spaces for public use, comprising a cycling, skating and jogging trail, a barbecue area, a huge communal garden, and picnic sites.

The skyline in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonians are very tech-savvy as 98% possess a catch-all ID card that is used to securely access various e-services ranging from voting and tax declarations to disaster response or getting doctors' prescriptions.

COOPERATION links between Singapore, Germany and Estonia continue to grow steadily, marked by several commonalities, such as successful startups, an open business environment, as well as strategic value creation through entrepreneurial innovation.

This impression was confirmed during a...

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