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Newsweek Twitter feed seems hijacked by pro-IS hacker

[WASHINGTON] Newsweek's Twitter feed appeared to be hijacked Tuesday by hackers who displayed messages supporting the Islamic State group.

The feed showed images similar to those from the hacking of the social media feed of the US Central Command last month.

The account showed a picture of a hooded figure and the words "Cyber Caliphate" along with the message "Je Suis IS," a response to the "Je Suis Charlie" messages following the deadly attacks at French weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Newsweek, a publication now owned by IBT Media, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But Twitter users noticed the anomaly, and saw the account appeared to have been restored a short time later, with an empty "egg" image in place of its customary logo.

In January, the hacked Centcom Twitter feed posted what appeared to be an office phone directory of officers that was slightly out of date.


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