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Cyber sleuth

The way to fight cyber crime is to ensure that the perpetrators and their backers face repercussions, says FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia, who's been at the frontline battles against hackers.

"Even on a daily basis I tell responders in our intelligence unit that your goal is to know more about what the bad guys are doing than anyone else. On a good day we know less than 3 per cent about what's going on. Actually it's a very good percentage. We only know the lowest bounds of what is going on, on a daily basis." - Kevin Mandia.

AS a thought experiment let's ask ourselves : "Why do we obey laws?"

Most people would come up with a number of different answers, ranging from the philosophical to the practical. Some might say that's the morally right thing to do, others that it's what their upbringing teaches them, and...

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