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Disrupting ageing

Get healthier as you get older - that's Victor Dzau's idea of disrupted ageing. And as president of the US National Academy of Medicine, he has a powerful platform to bring together the social sectors to achieve healthy longevity.

"The only measures we have for a condition like this without any medication or cures right now is public health, which is what Singapore does so well... I'm feeling better (about this) than previous outbreaks because man can only control that much, so we need to know more about the (Covid-19) virus. But I think the overall response has been more expedited, more prepared, and that's what we want." - Victor Dzau.

IN A world where just about every sector is facing disruption, ageing too has not been spared.

"Ageing is a process of getting older and biologically, your tissues have degeneration and you get disease.

"Disruption would be to create health as you age," Victor Dzau, president of...